Sub-Critical Water Reaction Equipment,Equipment contributing to global warming and global environment



We can hear the sound of the Earth crying, who is suffering from global warming.  

  1. Warming temperature/ Rising seawater/. Lost glacier/ Rising sea level.
  2. Localized torrential downpour which frequently occurs/ Extraordinary long lasting drought / Surface of lake which becomes smaller in size/ Mountain stream drying up.
  3. The number of typhoon which increases to come/ Spring which gradually comes earlier/ Heat wave hitting days in the middle of the summer/The coldness in the winter letting up.
  4. Bleaching coral reef/ Encroaching coastline/ A group of islands sinking into the sea.
  5. Early blooming flowers/ Decreasing animal habitats/ Migratory birds who forget their migratory period.

By making full use of the power of Sub-Critical Water, let’s protect the global environment with us all together, shall we?  

  1. Global warming is not a problem occurring in countries far away from us, or expected to occur in the future, but it is really a problem which we are facing right now.
  2. We have developed Sub-Critical Water Reaction equipment, M recycling machine MRM, which is an industrial product contributable to global warming and global environment.
  3. By utilizing Sub-Critical Water Reaction equipment, we can make environmental pollutants dissolved to be non-hazardous.


Sub-Critical Water Reaction equipment is a product which can protect our irreplaceable Earth.  

  1. 4.6 billion years have passed since our Earth was born, where we live a life now.
  2. Her blue sea and green land let life to start on the Earth and since then, living creatures has evolved from a lower form into a higher one.
  3. Now we are committing ourselves in environmental destruction on the Earth in our daily life.
  4. We have developed Sub-Critical Water Reaction equipment to protect the Earth so that we, human beings can still continue to live a life here.

We have developed an industrial product contributable to global warming.  

  • A granted patent in Japan numbered 3089543
  • PCT International application PCT/JP2005/9728
PCT/JP2005/009728 title of international application
Patent Issue countryInvention Patent No.Issue date
JapanNo.4864884November 18,2011
ChinaNo.ZL200580049929.2May 12,2010
Hong KongNo.1115836September 24,2010
The United StatesNo.8512573August 20,2013
South KoreaNo.10-1313438September 24,2013
MalaysiaPI20072112June 13,2014


Application countryNumber assigned to the application
IndiaThe 4602nd/KOLNP/2007 

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